How Conescan is Making a Difference with Our Advanced Dental Technology 

A woman in a lab conducting dental research while looking into a microscope.

In the ever-changing field of modern dentistry, technology plays an ongoing and crucial role. Innovations like dental implants, CBCT scans, and surgical guides have revolutionized dental practices, offering greater precision and predictability than ever before.  

ConeScan stands at the center of this cutting-edge progression. We leverage advanced dental implant technology to bring you game-changing solutions. Our comprehensive suite of services is redefining dental practices, enabling professionals like you to deliver superior patient care. 


The Importance of ConeScan’s Technology to the Dental Industry  

Here are some of the high-tech services we offer that can revolutionize your dental practice: 


Implant Planning 

Implant planning is a critical step in dental implant procedures, encompassing thorough evaluation and strategizing for each case. By leveraging advanced technology, ConeScan’s implant planning has introduced a new level of precision to this field. It’ll allow you to plan all your surgeries with a higher degree of accuracy, paving the way for successful procedures, improved patient outcomes and a streamlined, totally professional service. 

Surgical Guides 

Our computer-guided surgical guides are 3D-printed templates that pinpoint the exact angle, location, and depth of the implant’s placement. They’re essential tools that help you in the accurate placement of dental implants and offer a major step forward in the field.  

Our implant guides are created with advanced CBCT scanning that provides you with a complete 3D view of your patient’s mouth and jawbone. Using this technology ensures less invasive implant surgeries, shorter healing times, predictable results, safer surgeries, and better restorative outcomes.  

CBCT Scanning  

Our CBCT scanning (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) provides you with a detailed 3D image of your patient’s oral structures, giving you unprecedented information and insights. In fact, our CBT scanning technology has redefined diagnostic accuracy, enabling you to make better-informed decisions about the best treatment strategies for your patients, as well as ensuring safer and more effective procedures. 

Full Arch Restoration 

Full arch restoration involves the replacement of all the patient’s teeth in the upper or lower jaw using dental implants. This procedure, empowered by ConeScan’s cutting-edge photogrammetry technology, offers a durable, aesthetic solution for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. It has opened up new possibilities for comprehensive dental reconstruction, significantly enhancing patients’ quality of life. Beautiful teeth = happy patients! 

Mobile Scan 

In an industry where timely and accurate diagnostics are critical, ConeScan’s mobile scan service is a true game-changer. Our mobile imaging solution brings this state-of-the-art technology right to you if your practice is in Connecticut, Illinois, New York or New Jersey. Bringing our high-resolution imaging technology to you eliminates the need for external referrals, reduces your patients’ waiting time, and expedites your treatment planning and execution. 


The Benefits of Partnering with ConeScan 

Partnering with us will carry significant benefits for your practice. Here are just three of them:  

  • Enhanced Precision: ConeScan’s suite of technologies ensures a high level of accuracy, resulting in improved treatment outcomes and patient experiences. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: From planning to restoration, our integrated solutions simplify the implant process, enhancing the efficiency of your practice. 
  • Unmatched Support: Our team of dedicated specialists will provide you with our full support, helping you in complex case navigation and offering expert advice when needed. 

ConeScan’s commitment to leveraging advanced dental technology is making a significant impact on the dental industry. As we continue to innovate, our role in shaping the future of dental technology will be vital. By partnering with us, you and other dental professionals will be empowered to deliver life-changing results to their patients.  

Not only do our CBCT systems reduce patients’ and staff members’ exposure to potentially harmful radiation, they also save you time and money. Our CBCT imaging is compatible with the majority of dental CAD systems, and enables remote virtual consultations with patients. It’ll also help you proactively identify potential future problems by giving you such a detailed view of your patient’s mouth, teeth, and gum tissue. 

Ready to revolutionize your dental practice? Get in touch with ConeScan today to learn more! 

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