Starting at $250
Guides are a simple yet effective way to translate your plan into a more accurate surgery, resulting in more predictable outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

With 10+ years experience, ConeScan delivers the solution you need from scan2guide, using FDA approved materials made in the USA.

Our guides are compatible with all implant systems, and a valuable addition to your surgeries whether it be the most complicated or simplest of surgery cases.
Predictable Outcomes
One of the key benefits of using surgical guides is that the entire surgery is pre-planned by one of our expert technicians, with the surgical guide leading simplifying surgery procedures. This leads to a more predicable outcome and minimizes any unexpected situations.
Shorter Chair Time
Surgery times are significantly reduced, meaning less chair time and increased patient satisfaction.
Accuracy & Precision
The accuracy of surgical guides allows for a precise and safer execution of the surgery that matches the treatment plan.
Increased Patient Satisfaction
Shorter chair-time, predicable outcomes and knowledge that the surgery is precisely and accurately executed according to plan using our surgical guides for safer surgeries, leads to increased patient satisfaction and peace of mind.
Our guides are compatible with all implant systems, as well as any patient indications, whether they are partially or fully edentulous. Made from FDA compatible material.
Shared Screen Reviews
The surgery is planned by one of our expert technicians and the plan is reviewed with the dentist to allow for involvement and refinement of the final plan using a interactive shared screen. This allows us to fine-tune the plan to your preferences.